Working Papers and Publications

Petach, L. ``Local Financialization, Household Debt, and the Great Recession." Job Market Paper. Submitted. Link.

· Winner, North American Regional Science Council 2018 Graduate Student Paper Award.

Petach, L, and Tavani, D. 2018. ``No One is Alone: Strategic Complementarities, Growth, and Distribution." FMM Working Paper, No. 19. Submitted.  Link.

Petach, L., and Tavani, D. ``Income Shares, Secular Stagnation, and the Long-Run Distribution of Wealth." FMM Working Paper, No. 25. Submitted. Link.

Petach, L., and Tavani, D. 2018. ``Consumption Externalities and Growth: Theory and Evidence for the United States." Submitted. Link.

Petach, L. ``Distribution and Capacity Utilization in the United States: Evidence From State-level Data."  Review of Keynesian Economics, Accepted. Link Forthcoming.

Petach, L. 2018. ``Inequality and the Rate of Return on Capital: An Institutional Approach to `The Piketty Problem.' " Journal of Economic Issues, 52(4): 925-946. Link. 

Petach, L. 2017. ``Politics, Preferences, and Prices: The Political Consequences of Inequality." Real World Economics Review, 80: 2-13. Link.

Peach, N.D., and Petach, L. 2016. ``Development and Quality of Life in Cities." Economic Development Quarterly, 30(1):32-45. Link.  

Petach, L. 2015. ``Methodology in Capital in the Twenty-First Century: A `New Historical' Approach to Political Economy." Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 8(2): 21-33. Link.

Other Works in Progress

Petach, L., and Weiler, S. ``Geography Matters: The Impact of Geographic Expansion on Bank Performance During the Great Recession."  Submitted. Link.

Moore, J., Petach, L., and Weiler, S. ``Great Expectations? Nonemployer Establishments as Sparks for Urban Start-Ups." Submitted.

Petach, L. ``On the Housing Question: The Political Economy of Homeownership and Affordability in the United States."